Senior SAP Consultant


About the job

Exciting opportunity for an ambitious and driven professional to join a high-growth company in the HR Technology field, working directly with some of the largest brands in the world along a fast-paced and demanding career path.

About the department:

Our customer is at the forefront of a sophisticated and competitive industry. To remain a leader, all our people need to deliver excellence every single day. That’s why we’re committed to hiring and developing people who will thrive in our fast-paced, results-driven environment. Here, everyone contributes to building our business.

About the client:

Our customer helps CEOs, IT Departments and HR Departments achieve their business objectives through effectively utilizing the latest HR technologies. Specializing in SAP SuccessFactors and SAP HCM, we help our clients streamline, enhance and automate their processes to ensure they are getting the best return on their investment.

Whenever prospective candidates share their career ambitions, they usually mention “leadership.” But leadership can’t be taught; it emerges from hard work, character development, and consistent excellence. At our customer, we offer a clear path towards business leadership.

As an Associate, you will be involved in our client work from the very beginning. From hoping on some of the more urgent technical challenges, to analyzing our customers’ requirements and agreeing on a project scope and solution, we are a client first organization that you will be thrown in the deep end from the get go.

Once you have mastered the technical foundations, you will start taking ownership of projects or work streams, leading to eventually owning your client relationships. At this stage, you will be responsible for understanding your client profiles and where opportunities for improvement lie.

As your capabilities develop, clients start viewing you as a trusted partner and you start generating more work than you will handle, you will start to move towards the next stages of our career path in developing your core business skills, account management and people development.

About your role:

Success in an environment like WT's requires more than credentials and certificates. It requires specific traits and character attributes. The people WT hires demonstrate:

Do you have the drive to excel beyond what’s asked of you? At WT we do too. We’re naturally competitive, but competition at Whitaker-Taylor is about bettering ourselves. It’s born out of a shared desire never to settle – neither in the office nor for our clients.

Orientation: Our top performers are energized by the thrill of immediate rewards, results, and revenue. At Whitaker-Taylor, we’re committed to client outcomes, tangible objectives, and executing on our ideas. This all takes place in an environment where people feel passionate about coming to work and meeting and mingling with true friends.

Working at Whitaker-Taylor, necessarily brings with it changing circumstances. We value colleagues who handle uncertainty, ambiguity and change with positivity and poise, rather than worry and fear.

Many truly successful people are deeply humble. This mindset allows them to view the world with a growth mindset, enabling learning and improvement at every turn. At Whitaker-Taylor, we aim to build an environment without any sense of entitlement.

Emotional Intelligence:
Developing and maintaining strong, trusted relationships is central to succeeding at Whitaker-Taylor and beyond. Since working with people is a universal requirement in business and inherently unpredictable, we believe you will only succeed if you develop empathy for those around you.


Our customer is excited that you are interested in positions within the organization. Thank you for taking the time for the application process and we look forward to getting to know more about you. This application process may seem thorough, but that is because we are committed to hiring only Rockstars, regardless of age, disability, sex, ethnicity, etc. So if you are driven, dynamic and ready to take on exciting challenges, our customer is the place for you!

LogicQ Labour would like to receive your CV with your motivation for this position if it appeals to you. We prefer that you start the process by responding to this advert. Please click on the blue "Apply here" button on this page and upload your resume and other relevant details.

After receiving your application we will contact you within 3 working days for an online interview or phone call, when we see possibilities in your resume. Once the position has been filled, we will inform all applicants of the closure of the application. If you have further questions please call +31 20 8802282.

Job Requirements:

You have to master at least English and Dutch on a professional level
SAP Certification like HCN

Our reference:







Senior Consultant EMEA


In dienst bij opdrachtgever


Results Orientation Drive Adaptability Humility Emotional Intelligence


: 1.0

Work with LogicQ

LogicQ Co-operative Consultants is the multi-disciplinary freelance organization for HBO + professionals. LogicQ connects individual professionals in a network organization to collaborate on common success.

We have different membership levels, through which you can grow from Associé to partner with shares. All LogicQ Associates endorse the LogicQ code and can fully focus on their profession and interesting assignments.

LogicQ has three work areas for its members n.l. training through LogicQ Learning, innovation & experience within LogicQ Labs and LogicQ Labor.

LogicQ Labour 

LogicQ Labor has the specific task of organizing work and mediating our consultants for the next assignment. LogicQ Labor takes care of the various contracts, assignment conditions and back-office processing. She also takes care of the hours reports for clients, extensions and processed new applications.

LogicQ Labor offers clients multiple contract options for the use of Associés. LogicQ helps clients find quality candidates for strengthening the organization.