Welcome at LogicQ

Our collaborating consultants have knowledge of...

   Cloud & Networks 

Do you want to support your relations with the design, realization and maintenance of a modern and reliable technology platform? Our expert team helps all types of companies and organizations with this...

   Business & Software

Does your business software need a well-integrated restructuring and a vision with which you can expand your growth strategy and ambition? Our team is ready for SMEs and also for larger organizations...


   Telecom & Information

Communication is key and encompasses more than telephony. Did you know that your internal and external communication can be well integrated with existing business systems? Ask us for advice...

   Data & Protection

Cloud applications all offer easy integration options, but what does this mean for your digital vulnerability and how can you get and keep your data safe? We are happy to advise you on this...

Together we deliver Quality ICT solutions... 

LogicQ is your supplier of Quality business solutions & IT Cloud Services. We work with our consultants on innovative and affordable “Best Quality” solutions and services...

Our organization, LogicQ, is committed to delivering the "Best Quality" result to our clients, associates and partners. We have been a unique organization for digital transformation solutions and services for more than 10 years.

We offer these in the form of consultancy, software solutions, training courses and after their implementation and realization as managed services.

We therefore take responsibility for what we advise your organization by guiding the project from A to Z.

Our team of professionals helps clients become more successful. We do this by helping to strengthen their automation and digital business transformations. 

Our team of passionate IT professionals is growing steadily and we are constantly looking for efficient and business solutions.

Our team of passionate IT professionals is growing steadily and we are constantly looking for efficient and business solutions. Code of Quality", and we support our associates in finding interesting follow-up assignments with ditto clients.

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LogicQ advises customers on all four solution areas mentioned above, based on GET IT REAL.

Each consultant is also involved in the implementation of the project based on the advice. So no cloud cyclists with castles in the air, but solid advice with commitment.

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Our collaborating consultants all organize the necessary accreditations required fora full partnership.

The joint knowledge of many ICT topics also leads to modern proven solutions, which we deliver within projects, on time and within budget.

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LogicQ organizes training courses for and with its associates and clients, in collaboration with our solution partners.

Various courses are available. They are also available in the form of workshops.

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Managed Service is where we often start our services with our customers, because we work every day to continue our solutions and the relationship with our customers.

We want to prevent you from being alone. That is why we make our team of associates on fixed times available for our relations with a service agreement.

For customers

Find solutions with our associates

Flexible reinforcement

We help you with your business success

Reliable professionals

Antecedents investigation and the LogicQ Code

Up-to-date knowledge

Continuous knowledge and the right skills

On Project Basis

Experience our professional independents.

Project delivery on time

We deliver quality and on time

Hiring teams

Diverse knowledge fields solve any problem

Reliable and loyal

Company philosophy expressed in LogicQ code

For  Associates

Work independently & invest in each other.

Project delivery on time

Grow from Associate from Member to Partner

Multi-disciplinary innovation

Innovation from different fields 

Facilitated working

Strong in your work and the rest we do together

Our partners are a source of innovation and inspiration such as:

All-in-One Opensource Business Software 
Future fixed Cloud telephony solutions
Number 1 software supplier for Cloud and desktop
Enterprise solutions for No-code/low code
 All known payment methods, fast setup and fair rates.
Enterprise Open Source Network solutions
Number 1 network solutions with for operability
Enterprise Database is Open Source and Highly Scalable
Number 1 Cloud supplier for desktop & apps
One of our network security suppliers
Technology supplier for hardware & software
Backup technology from excellent hardware vendor
Micro Focus deliver trusted and proven mission-critical enterprise software
Growing up as a Cloud CRM supplier, Salesforce is now more
Revolutionary vendor for data backup & restore for private cloud
Virtualization vendor with a large installed base and great reputations. 
Largest data center provider with an large number of public cloud apps.  
Cost-effective Virtual Private Cloud provider with good services  

Find out more about our partnerships VIA THIS LINK...  

Horizontal solutions for vertical markets...

LogicQ opts for solutions that are suitable for exponentially growing organizations. Many organizations are held back by outdated technology, with major integration challenges and abysmal performance.

Our technology must be scalable and applicable to a Start-up, an SME and Enterprise. Moreover, we love Private Cloud solutions and we don't want to be limited to 1-fit-all solutions from the Public Cloud suppliers.md due to outdated technology, with major integration challenges and abysmal performance.

Another important aspect is fair pricing, because many organizations are seeing explosively growing license & subscription costs - without the business case being made of the intertwined services.

LogicQ takes a Start-up just as seriously as established organizations. From the first realization, our solutions offer the space to grow with your organization and are suitable for many specific verticalisations! To be successful together...

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Enterprise Solutions

Based on the promise of reliability, vendor lock-in and force of habit, not many organizations dare to make major changes. Not infrequently they suffer from "the inhibiting lead" - a euphemism for a mess where no one can take practical responsibility anymore.

Third-party vendors that do take the top prize for their services, which are primarily aimed at maintaining the status quo. LogicQ does not shy away from providing a better alternative and is constantly looking for realistic improvements. Before we start, we would like to compare budget accountability and Return on Investment, because many of the "innovators" do not provide clear insight into the direct and long-term costs.

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SME Business Support

SMEs are the backbone of the European economy. Successful SMEs often work together with other companies and form successful chains that know how to reach their customers too well. Where in the past telephone and e-mail sufficed, nowadays the requirements are different to actively participate in supplier chains.

LogicQ helps with your digital transformation and can enrich your company with better business solutions. Think of eCommerce, electronically signing documents and simplifying processes. LogicQ advises, implements and maintains your IT environment through our affordable managed business support.

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Business & Tech Investment

Classical market divisions are highly subject to change and "digital disruption" offers many start-ups the space to attract financial investors. Far too often, interesting ideas fall prey to chaos, messy applications and lack of cash & business experience. That's where LogicQ can help with as a Bus-Tech Investor and work together on a successful start-up and growth period.

We can offer creative investment options with favorable conditions and also offer a large partner network and valuable contacts. We bring multiple programs including the business Boost and the Business Game to convert the need into executable plans.

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Flex-Vertical Solutions

The problem with many vertical solutions is that they have history that stretches back to the heyday of Client-Server. Many applications have not been substantially updated and continue to live on their reputation from the last century. In a sense they are monolithic as the Main-frame predecessors - where we now want Cloud-native solutions.
Flex-Vertical Solutions adapt as a Low-Code/No-code solution to the business process of the vertical industry. 

The building blocks of widely applicable business software can be quickly arranged according to your business process and wishes at a much lower cost. The integrations with vertical specific processes are richer & simpler than decision makers think. LogicQ offers you a software solution where together we create your solution that offers you a better future.