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Test engineer with knowledge of Python & Embedded software


The assignment

LogicQ is looking to strengthen the number of Python Developers with sufficient experience in testing the code. We are urgently looking for several experienced Python developers for one of our client to take the existing test infrastructure to a higher level.

The organisation

Our client is a European R&D company and develops various applications for batteries and renewable energy sources for the already successful parent company. These are high-power devices with complex behavior and strict requirements. They can work both on-line and autonomously and are among the top in their segment.

Your department

The role of the test engineer is to further develop their test framework as well as implement tests to make automated release and production testing of their products possible. This means configuring and controlling our product – the device under test – as well as connected AC sources, power analyzers and other measurement equipment to verify specific functionality or behavior. Both device under test and test equipment are controlled over CAN, Modbus, Bluetooth, TCP/IP, USB, etc. In your role you will be flanked by an experienced software and hardware development team.

Your role

In your role you will be flanked by an experienced software and hardware development team. Furthermore, are you or do you have:
ﬦ Qualifications and experience d in Python
ﬦ An Object-oriented mindset with a focus on code reuse.
ﬦ Experience with automated test systems.
ﬦ Experience with electronic measuring equipment.
ﬦ Strong math skills.
ﬦ Experience with Python-based application development (QT), which is a plus.
ﬦ Knowledge of lower level communication protocols such as CAN or Modb


Your main responsibilities are:
ﬦ Development of automated tests according to specification.
ﬦ Development and maintenance of the automated test environment.
ﬦ Maintenance of the test results.
ﬦ Development of cross-platform tooling in Python.

The package

Start via LogicQ in the way that suits you best - Contractors and non-Contractor are welcome
ﬦ A challenging and varied job in a dynamic and professional environment.
ﬦ The ability to design and develop an automated test infrastructure from scratch.
ﬦ Multiple reimbursement options
ﬦ Option: From Freelance to permanent contract as a core team member.
ﬦ An attractive earnings

Our procedure

LogicQ would like to get to know you and welcome you as a LogicQ candidate. Please send us your CV and your personal motivation for this assignment. This will start the application process and we can provide you with more information about this vacancy. By pressing the blue "Apply here" button, you can respond without obligation and we will respond to your application as soon as possible.

We will handle your application discreetly and ask you to do the same while the procedure is ongoing. Immediately after receiving your application, we will send an automatic email with confirmation of receipt. Based on your CV and other relevant information, our team will start working on your "Application for Mediation".

Our team strives to assess and respond to your application within 3 working days. Then we may also agree on a date for an online interview and possible application with the client. As soon as there is a change in the status of your application, we will inform you about this and keep you informed of the developments. For questions you can call +31 20 8802282 or respond to the email message you received.

After the confirmation of receipt, your application has started and we will start working with the data you sent us. On the basis of your CV and other relevant data, our team will start working with your "Request for Mediation". Our team strives to respond to your application within 3 working days. If there are opportunities for you on this vacancy, we will arrange an online interview. As soon as there is a change in the status of your application, we will notify you and keep you informed of developments. For questions, please call +31 20 8802282.

Our reference


Closing date



In dienst bij opdrachtgever Freelance - ZZP Freelance - Verloond Deta-Vast



Expected contract duration:

36.0 Maand(en)

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