Knowledge development is important for every LogicQ Associate and forms the core of our knowledge transfer services.

LogicQ is involved in education in several ways. We build software for training organizations, provide training for the deployment and use of applications that we build using software solutions from our partners. And we often also provide courses and workshops based on the vendor's course material.

If your employees or technical personnel need training, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look at their current knowledge & offer high-level training.





No teachers, but experienced consultants

LogicQ heeft kennisdeling hoog in het vaandel staan en wil de theorie aan de wetsteen van de praktijk slijpen. Wij geloven niet in een "crash course" waarmee je in een recordtijd een papiertje bemachtigd.

Het gaat om een integrale kennis combinatie tussen praktijk en theorie. Niet alleen op je kamer of in een anonieme groep, maar met studiegenoten die je stimuleren. 

Cooperatief leren

LogicQ Learning pakt educatie anders aan - jij en je studiegenoten bepalen mede het tempo. Wij bieden ruimte voor versnellingen, vertragingen, discussie en verdieping. 

Elke "Study sprint"  wordt afgesloten met een test, case of opdracht. Samen met je studiegenoten bepaal je de volgende sprint en werken jullie naar een volwaardig examen en certificatie. 

Wij geven opleidingen op diverse terreinen...

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Software Management

In collaboration with the License Logic Institute, we offer the oldest training course in this field: The Certified Software Manager course. The first version dates from the 1990s. The training has recently been completely updated and looks at many new aspects of software use within organizations. In addition, a large number of further courses are available.

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To stay 'on top of' the market in Cloud Computing and other applications, LogicQ offers a program based on the learning modules of Google. Badges can be earned per module that indicate the level of competence a participant has. Each module makes you more interesting for the next assignment.

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Red Hat 

LogicQ has been a partner of Red Hat for some time and we find this Open Source giant a pleasant partner when it comes to technological innovation of modern infrastructures. LogicQ'ers immerse themselves in several aspects of Red Hat and also gain experience in our practical.

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Digital Privacy

LogicQ's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) training is provided by a group of experienced and enthusiastic consultants. Participants set their own learning goals and determine a time frame in which they want to become certified as a DPO by preparing for various Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) exams.

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Odoo Education

Within our organization we work with Odoo. At LogicQ you will learn how to apply project management, ERP, CRM and create beautiful websites within this practical medium. We do this so that you can then apply it to other companies.

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Build with GitLab

We ourselves work with Gitlab within the organization. At LogicQ you will learn how to apply project management, ERP, CRM and create beautiful websites within this great medium. We do this so that you can then apply it to other companies.

Affordable high-quality training

Within LogicQ, "learning together" is not just a slogan - it is an essential part of, for example, 'in-between-job' periods. Gaining knowledge and continuing education are the keys to success. Studying together brings people together and ensures continuity and growth.

Education by and for specialists

In recent years, the courses have developed methodically and substantively to a level that we can give a commercial price to. The studies are open to anyone who qualifies for the desired prior education. This not only makes it a pleasant pastime for our Associates, but Members and other interested parties can also participate.

Associates and Members both get a discount on our courses - perhaps a good time to see what this would mean for you. Moreover, within LogicQ Labs we also try to organize practical experience to gain "hands-on" experience.

LogicQ Co-operatief learning 

LogicQ opts for cooperative learning and attaches great value to the group process. Together with your fellow students you determine the next sprint and you work towards the basic certificate, which can be continued by one of the follow-up learning modules.Together with your fellow students you determine the next sprint and you keep each other on track.

The group is working towards the basic certificate through discussion and mutual consultation. The training can be continued with one of the other LogicQ Learning modules. We offer a varied range of courses in the field of ICT, auditing and management.

No one is left behind.... 

Our training institute works using the scrum method and our students learn according to the "Co-operative Learning" principle. The teaching material is enriched with cases directly from consultants from the field. Our consultants tell about their experiences and with the help of 'cases' our students learn how they can apply the theory substantively and practically.

No crash course, where students have to 'stamp' brand new material in their heads in a very short time with the aim of taking an exam quickly, including receiving a certificate as proof... to forget everything again the next day . We at LogicQ Learning think you only really learn when the material takes hold.